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My name is Kieran, and I’m an independent researcher in Toronto. In May of 2018 I watched a documentary that changed my life. It was an investigation of 9/11, which revealed to me that not only did more than two towers fall that day, there were videos of firefighters claiming that bombs had been set off in the lobbies and basements of the buildings.

This immediately made me question why I had never heard this information before. If the media was capable of spinning the events of that day, and hiding such crucial facts about the case, how could I trust what I had learned about other events in history? It set me off on a months long journey of researching up to 10 hours a day, reexamining everything I thought I knew. Along the way I learned that even those who were exposing the deceptions hidden in conventional interpretations were themselves deceiving me – revealing a few lies to gain my trust, before leading me down their own crooked paths. I started this blog to share my own thoughts and research, and to link to those few researchers, across all disciplines, whom I think are doing groundbreaking work.
Hence the name [Overdue Revolutions]; check out my links page for some long overdue revolutions in science, history, art and more.

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