Letter from ‎Jehanzeb Zafar‎

You seem to be a good guy and I really mean it.
Thank you for standing up for minorities and especially a race that has gone through miserable times of slavery, physical assault, sexual assaults and a lot more. You and I know, however, this cannot be resolved overnight or even in a few months.
Currently, however, we have another, much time-sensitive matter at hand. What are your thoughts about that? Why would you not stand up the small businesses in your area. At least 3 small business owners have cried while talking to me. The City and Province are continuing the lockdown in a fascist fashion and 99.9% politicians are silent. The way lockdown is being handled, we are prone to see a high spike in infections (as we are not let people develop immunity) as well as shortage in hospitals (not only due to COVID but because the criminal act of the provincial government to keep hospitals at 25% capacity, denying essential treatments like heart surgeries, resulting in death of over 60 people in Ontario). I invite you to walk around all the hospitals of Toronto and see if there is any situation that would even remotely warrant such a lockdown.
When politicians do not work for their people, their emails and townhalls seem to be successive lollypops. Would you consider truly standing up for people? That might mean you are going against the orders of the Mayor (and I believe you are not obligated to follow the orders - you can use your power of vote that has been conferred in you by the citizens who you need to protect).
I hope you would demonstrate to be one of the rare awake and honest politicians and join innocent patriot citizens in protests at Queen's Park. Not only that, I hope you would utilize your reach through this mailing application, to bring as many people as you can. I am sure you would not find these protests to be dangerous as we have seen even the Prime Minister joining large protests. In Toronto, more than 2/3rd of the protesters were not wearing masks.
Looking forward to see your motivation to serve citizens in real sense.